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Hey all.

As previously stated in my last upload, I've started up a Patreon account. The frequency of images I make will still be the same as always and I'm not in dire need of cash at the moment since I already have a job. I set this up just so people who like what I do can so some support.

Regardless of how much a patron gives, they'll get to see unedited images of my art posted hours/days/weeks in advance of me posting the finalized images here. Quickly made images I typically wouldn't post here will also be posted there. Lastly I'll hold polls there much like the last poll I had here, except more frequently. I figure if you're going to give me money, you might as well get a say when I can't make up my mind about what image I want to make next.

Everyone who hits the second tier of support ($20) gets to have an image made for them centering around any character they choose(as long as they've made an appearance in my previous work. Only to be sure I actually have a model of that character).

For more or less the same details check out the page here:…

For everyone else not really interested in all that extra nonsense, I'm glad you at least like what I do. As always I'll continue to post at least 2 pieces a week with the hope I still entertain you all with my intense/funny/sad/crazy/moody video game centered art I enjoy making so much.

Thanks for sticking around, homies.
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